Forgotten Relics

Pacts and Blood

Following Kioko’s directions, they discovered a cave entrance leading to a long forgotten tomb of a warlock Tiefling princess, Trilana, and her 4 warlock advisers, interred with her upon death. One branch for each of the 4 different Warlock pacts known: Star, Dark, Infernal, & Fey, which led to treasures, pain and visions. The artifact was recovered from Trilana’s tomb and the group went north to a nearby large city. There the group split up for the day, to conduct their own affairs. Each of them were in turn visited by Kioko again, though some observed that there was something different about her. She seemed more ominously evil. She told them to meet a new member of the team and to head off to the northwestern mountains to recover another artifact from the Dwarven city there. Only 3 of the original team arrived to meet the newbie (Galvin), with a wagon, at the west gate and they set off (why no one questioned where the others from their group was, I have no idea!). Along the way, they were ambushed by a group of bandits, calling themselves The Blood Hunter Gang. After killing their leader in the battle and taking one of their number captive, the other Blood Hunters fled into the forest. The group ‘coerced’ their hostage to lead them to the gang’s lair. On the way, their captive, Jeb, made a run for it. The team chased after him & after forcing Jeb to trip one of his own traps in the woods, saved & healed him. After being healed, Jeb changed his attitude towards his captors and willing showed the group where the traps in the forrest were, and more importantly, the cave hideout. The team looted the leaders treasures, giving some of the coin to the remaining Blood Hunters to make them look better in the Gang’s eyes, which they also spent the day with, teaching them various other ways of living without thieving. The next morning Kioko appeared via the tree jump ritual, with a new member for the team, Nara, a Shadar’Kai Rogue, and the location of another Relic within a Dwarven City. That day they left the Blood Hunters for the Dwarven city.

The Story so far...

Plot wise, the group woke up, with no memories of the last 3 months. There were tubes dripping a bitter green liquid into their mouths and they were dressed in basic tunics. After finding their bags with a strange uniquely colored orb containing their equipment, the room they were sealed into lurched and slid down a cliff face as the tower itself collapsed. Climbing out of the rubble, they we’re approached by a shadowy figure coming out of the nearby woods. A Succubus, called Kioko, claimed the team work for her, gathering artifacts of great power connected to each orb. They re-signed their contracts in blood & heard the fighting from the top of the mesa. They traveled up to find the ruins of a fort, still ablaze from the battle, the destroyed buildings completely void of anyone alive… or dead. No bodies. Blood, but no bodies. The group also noticed a symbol that seemed to be appearing in the debris. They also detected that they were being watched. They jumped the voyeur, which turned out to be a Kobold, named Kippy, that was member of their team before their mind wipe. He informed them that he tracked them to this cell of the Aborators. A cult of warped arcanists trying to ‘improve’ the world through their augmentations. They warp themselves and often create twisted ‘experiments’ (aboration creatures) that are set loose upon the world. This fort was destroyed by a zealot religion known as the Purifiers (they eliminate anything unnatural. Be it undead, aborations, or even beings from other worlds/realms/planes.). The group allowed Kippy to travel with them to the nearest town where they rested. Kioko appeared to the group again, advising there was an artifact to the southeast, in a tomb. As they traveled SE, they we’re attacked by Aborations, however, they realized that the creatures were not trying to kill them, but to capture them. The creatures also bore the sigil of the Aborators.


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